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Hydrogen is the ideal fuel for all types of fuel cells, including our alkaline fuel cell-based power generators. Today, hydrogen is commonly referred to as “the fuel of the future”, especially for private and public transportation which are significant sources of pollution. Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and General Motors and others are all focusing their efforts on the development and sale of hydrogen fuel cell cars as the supporting infrastructure is being deployed.

Hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant element in the universe and is considered the most environmentally friendly fuel. Currently, hydrogen is commercially produced using a variety of methods, including the steam reformation of natural gas, an electrolysis process and or the fermentation of biogas. These methods allow the storage of hydrogen in steel or composite tanks for easy distribution.

While the infrastructure to support hydrogen fuel cell cars is currently under construction, the delivery of hydrogen for commercial use is already established. In the US alone, more than 9 million tons of hydrogen are produced each year.

GenCell has a lower operating cost than other fuel cell solutions as its electrochemical generator operates on industrial-grade hydrogen (99.95% purity), which is more available and less expensive than pure hydrogen.


Ammonia (NH3) is also the second most-produced inorganic chemical in the world and has the highest hydrogen volumetric content–even more than hydrogen itself–in both the cryogenic and compressed forms. In addition to its high hydrogen density, ammonia is already a widely-used commodity that costs half the price of diesel and is easily sourced through well established distribution channels.

The use of on-demand hydrogen generation, either by reforming or cracking offers a significant reduction in operating expenses. GenCell’s unique low-temperature alkaline fuel cell technology offers a critical advantage compared to other fuel cell technologies as it works with hydrogen produced from ammonia without costly nitrogen filters and higher maintenance.  

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