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GenCell fuel-cell power generators overcome the significant weaknesses of the most common power solutions: the limited duration of batteries, the stench, noise and startup time of diesel generators, the weather/daylight limitations of solar energy systems and the high costs of other fuel cell solutions.

Faster & Cleaner Than Diesel

When the grid fails, the GenCell solution delivers an immediate injection of power without the noise or stench of diesel generators. Zero emissions and no noise mean that GenCell is suitable for rooftop, urban areas, and even indoors. And with no moving parts, there is no need for frequent oil changes or tune-ups.

Better Than Batteries

Battery-based solutions usually provide from minutes up to 4-6 hours of electricity although many power failures last longer, especially during extreme weather. The GenCell can provide power as long as hydrogen or ammonia fuel is available. Just six cylinders will deliver more than 13 hours of 5 kW backup power.

All-Weather Clean Energy

GenCell is an all-weather source of clean energy. Unlike solar or wind systems, rainy days, long nights or calm, windless days are not a challenge.

Fuel Cells for the Mainstream

With higher energy efficiency, extreme weather operation, and low operating costs, GenCell’s alkaline fuel cell technology overcomes the obstacles that have historically prevented the commercialization of fuel cells using proton exchange membrane technology.


The GenCell AdvantageDiesel Generators
BatteriesPEM Fuel CellsGenCell
Energy Efficiency10-25%70%33%55%
ReliabilityLow + Single Point of FailureHighHighVery high + redundancy
Temperature ResistanceLow
(-25ᵒc to +40ᵒc)
Narrow optimal temperature rangeLow
(-20ᵒc to +40ᵒc)
(-40ᵒc to +45ᵒc)
Humidity ResistanceLowLowLowHigh
Sea Water / Acidity ResistanceLowVery lowLowHigh
MaintenanceFrequent oil changes & tune-upsQuarterly
for acid batteries
Lifespan3-5 years (overhaul 15,000 hours of operation)3–10 years15 years15 years
Startup Time2 minutes or moreImmediateImmediateImmediate
Sustainability / Eco-FriendlinessLow (Emissions + noise) Medium (Lead & acid storage/disposal)Medium
(CO2 emissions with Methanol)
(Zero emissions & noise
Fuel Type (gas)n/an/aIndustrial-grade Hydrogen
Fuel Type (liquid)Dieseln/aMethanol
(Undetectable & highly toxic)
(Detectable & may be harmful)
OxidantAirn/aPure OxygenAir
Run Time Duration100 hours (30L tank)4 hours 12 hours (6 H2 cylinders) 15 hours (6 H2 cylinders)
Fuel Consumption per kWh0.3-0.35 (L/kWh)n/a0.80 (Nm3/kWh)0.75 (Nm3/kWh)
Fuel Theft RiskHighn/aVery lowVery low

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