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Keeping Us Safe and Secure
Electricity keeps people connected, warm and safe. When outage of any kind occurs, from national disasters to malfunction, reliable energy keeps people alive. Nobody knows this better than the emergency services – essential utilities, command and control units, disaster response teams, the police and military.

As our reliance on power grows, so does the fragility of our supply networks. The grid is increasingly vulnerable to extreme weather events, systemic underinvestment and, as population and demand increase, to overload.
GenCell offers the homeland security market two innovative long-term extremely reliable energy solutions, the GenCell G5 and the GenCell G5a. These products will enhance the capabilities of a variety of applications: easily deployed on field, instant power with almost no logistics necessary.

With unparalleled reliability, protecting critical assets and minimizing the potential human and financial cost of power failures, GenCell’s solutions achieve nearly 50% electrical efficiency and almost 90% when combined with heat and power efficiency, even when temperatures drop to 40°C below zero. Therefore, it is the complete solution for the specific, changing and urgent demands of first responders when they need electrical power as well as heat and hot water.
GenCell’s applied innovative approach to critical points easily integrates with existing battery banks’ systems and can replace them when necessary. Due to its small footprint and low heat signature, completely clean and near silent operation, GenCell is suitable for installation in control rooms. It is portable and designed to operate in both remote and urban environments. This enables command and control systems, utilities and other organizations to:

Today’s off-grid power supply has many challenges:

GenCell developed a power generation product line taking into account the challenges homeland security faces on a day to day basis and in cases of crisis and emergency. The range of homeland security applications include:

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