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Medical Applications

Where the cost of downtime is measured in lives and not only loss of revenue, GenCell’s solutions offer unparalleled reliability, protecting your critical assets and minimizing the potential human and financial cost of power failures. They keep medical systems functioning in any situation, enabling continuous business operations that generate revenue for an organization, maintaining medical institutions’ front-line services effectiveness, while keeping life-support machines running and emergency rooms operating. They keep people alive.

Unlike batteries and diesel generators, GenCell’s solutions are more cost-effective, completely clean and vibration-free, emit no CO2 and have almost no moving parts. They have near silent operation and spike-free power output. These advantages make the GenCell G5 line of products ideally suited for installation near delicate medical equipment.
As GenCell’s, solutions take up so little space and can run for long periods of time – as long as they are fueled – larger organizations such as hospitals and medical centers can install a series of backups near critical infrastructure such as medical ventilators, incubators and equipment for operating rooms. This creates extra redundancy, guaranteeing power when and where it is needed.
Urban Applications

Global urbanization is continuing at a breathtaking pace. By 2050, more than 70% of the world’s population will be city dwellers. Every major city’s heartbeat increasingly depends on a continuous electric supply, yet the number of blackouts increases every year due to the grid’s fragility. Outages in bustling cities result in lost revenue of millions of dollars per hour.


Our cities need solid power backup that is going to kick in as soon as it is needed, for as long as it is needed. However, traditional backup solutions are just not suited for densely populated areas:
Batteries occupy too much real estate and require strong infrastructure within the confines of strict compliance with regulations. They emit undesirable hydrogen and their capacity degradation over time, is a problem that affects business continuity.
Diesel generators are much too polluting and noisy; they require real estate and are subject to strict regulatory compliance. UPSs connect to an organization’s critical points, but usually only provide up to 60 minutes of backup power. What if we could provide an indoor or rooftop, long-term backup, for those same critical points that is highly reliable, robust, yet compact, super-clean and cost-effective?
GenCell provides holistic, end-to-end power backup solutions for the most critical points in an urban setting such as:

GenCell’s hardy technology offers unparalleled reliability, unrivalled efficiency and unequalled durability. Our platform operates as seamlessly at 40°C below as it does at temperatures above 45°C in the middle of the desert.


Special applications

A Container with 3+ Months of Cooling Power Inside


Off-grid and poor-grid conditions in remote locations or disaster areas demand complex, expensive, transportation, storage, maintenance and fueling logistics.
GenCell provides a completely reliable, green and cost-efficient self-contained power generation solution that can operate 24/7 for months:

Just fill a container with food, medicine or medical equipment, ship it to your destination and forget about cooling power for months!

3+ Months of Energy Independency in Remote or Disaster Areas
GenCell’s unique platform achieves nearly 50% electrical efficiency and almost 90% combined heat and power efficiency, and operates seamlessly at 40°C below zero as it is in temperatures up to almost 50°C in the middle of the desert. Therefore, it can ideally supply electricity and hot water to refugee camps and remote villages.
GenCell created a container-based combined heat and power solution that can run for months without further maintenance and fueling. This clean ammonia-based application requires less fuel than other alternatives, generates more energy, and costs about 2.5 times less than diesel equivalents.
Additional Applications

GenCell’s energy independency solutions can be easily modified for the following:

To learn more about GenCell’s business continuity solutions, please