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Keep Data Flowing

GenCell offers an enhanced telecom tower power solution for developing or developed markets. Developing economies operate millions of telecom towers (according to a 2014 report by Navigant Research, China is the largest market by far at around 3 million stations, with India next at 400,000). Hundreds of thousands of new telecom towers are installed every year. Many regions have poor, unreliable electricity grids, which can unpredictably shut down mobile connectivity for long periods.
Developed economies’ telecommunications networks were typically installed before emission and pollution standards were a critical consideration. The majority rely on lead-acid batteries or diesel generators for backup power for their telecom tower infrastructure. Both solutions are damaging to the environment: diesel generators have polluting emissions and acid batteries have concerns over their manufacturing and method of disposal. Over their lifespan, they do not provide the level of reliability essential under extreme conditions and require extensive maintenance.

GenCell’s solution for the telecom tower market offers a substantial competitive advantage as a response to some of the industries challenging issues:

The telecom tower market is a substantial one, continuing to grow in both developed and developing countries as telecoms operators upgrade their infrastructure. In North America, for example, as winters become more severe and unpredictable, GenCell’s technology is highly attractive, operating efficiently under extreme weather conditions for long periods of time and without disruptions. The rapid increase in the installation of new telecom towers around the world underlines the huge saving that GenCell offers the market.

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