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Galil Elion Municipality Installs GenCell G5 To Keep City Running by Providing Critical Back-up Power to Emergency Operating Center


Tel Aviv Convention Center, Israel, November 15, 2016 – GenCell, the leading Israeli-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, today announces at HLS Cyber 2016, that the Galil Elion Municipality in Israel has installed a breakthrough GenCell G5 fuel cell solution. Shielded by the unique bomb shelter of IMI (Israeli Military Industry), the GenCell G5 provides critical back-up power and support to the municipality crisis management program.

With the ability to withstand a one ton direct missile strike, the GenCell G5 ensures that the Galil Elion mayors emergency operating center remains fully functioning during crisis scenarios – offering immediate energy with a supreme level of reliability. This not only includes the essential power needed to keep the Municipality operational during any impending threat, but also ensures that it is effective in managing post-attack activities too.

This could mean anything from maintaining critical communications to supporting key utility businesses or providing life-saving power to emergency services. The GenCell G5 will also support key everyday infrastructure applications required to keep a community running – such as ensuring that traffic light networks stay operational, supermarkets are open and that schools are safeguarded.

Giora Zals, Mayor of Galil Elyon municipality: “With threats right on our borders, a solution like the GenCell G5 provides great peace of mind for the Galil Elion Municipality. Whilst we hope never to need it, we know from our own rigorous field testing that the GenCell G5 will kick in whenever needed and enable us to function properly throughout any situation.

“The GenCell fuel cell solution is pretty unique. Unlike diesel generators we’ve used before, it doesn’t need to expel any exhaust fumes – just heat and water. Because of this, it can be brought inside a bunker and be properly protected from direct missile strikes. This has huge and fundamental operational advantages for us. It’s game-changing technology for the HLS market and I can see wider use of GenCell’s technology across Israel.”

Based on proven space technology and further developed by some of the world’s leading energy scientists, the GenCell G5 overcomes one of the industry’s biggest problems – power outages caused by security threats. Developed in partnership with the IMI (Israeli Military Industry), the GenCell G5 is now available with its own specially designed bomb shelter, enabling it to withstand direct missile strikes of up to one ton of TNT. In addition, because it has no moving parts, the GenCell G5 is ideal to provide first responders with the essential power to manage the effects of natural disasters.

Producing 5kW of steady power, the fully certified G5 can be monitored remotely and requires very low maintenance. A completely clean process, the generator does not emit any CO2. Used in both extreme environments and urban settings, visitors to the GenCell booth at HLS Cyber will learn how the G5 hydrogen-based fuel cell is a more cost-effective, reliable, clean and efficient solution than existing back-up power solutions, such as diesel generators.

Samy Weinberg, GenCell’s director of the board comments: “Representing the culmination of 20 years of fuel cell development, the GenCell G5 has been rigorously tested by customers in a variety of markets across Europe, North and Latin America – delivering flawless performance.

“For the first time, there is now a proven solution for the HLS market that provides command and control centers around the world with the critical power to successfully manage extreme situations – delivered with unparalleled reliability. For countries where the need for preparedness is paramount, the GenCell G5 is a must have technology.”


About GenCell

Founded in 2011, GenCell is a leading provider of innovative fuel cell power backup solutions. The company has created a unique, green and cost-effective platform, based on proven space technology and suitable for a variety of sectors in both extreme environments and urban surroundings. GenCell employs world renowned PhD’s with hundreds of cumulative years of experience in the energy industry. The company headquarters are located in Israel, operating globally with offices also in North America and Latin America.


Worldwide PR for GenCell
Ben Dodson
Tel: +44 1737 215200


Adam Lahav, Director of Marketing, GenCell
Tel: +972 3 726 1616


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