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MYBROADBAND: SA networks could save billions by giving up diesel

South African telecommunications providers suffer whenever load-shedding hits, mostly due to the greatly increased operational costs that come with running diesel generators at base stations and other connectivity hubs.

However, they can save greatly on their running costs when their power is out by using less conventional backup energy solutions.

GenCell CEO Rami Reshef told MyBroadband that local mobile operators and fibre providers could save greatly on operational costs by switching to the company’s hydrogen fuel cell products for backup and off-grid power solutions.

Unlike diesel generators, GenCell’s power units do not produce any pollution while running. The cells use hydrogen found in ammonia and oxygen from the surrounding air to produce energy, with their only waste product being water.

Reshef said that the advancements GenCell has made in developing this technology makes it a great competitor to diesel solutions in terms of cost and reliability.

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