About thePartner Program

GenCell teams up with companies around the world and across industry segments to deliver alkaline fuel cells and maximize the generation of clean, emission-free energy everywhere.

Our partner program includes Technology Program Partners, with whom we cooperate and collaborate to develop our innovative fuel cell technologies; Sustainability Program Partners, with whom we partner to promote the broad dissemination and deployment of Renewable Energy and fuel cells; and Distributors who market, sell, service and support our solutions.

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Technology & sustainabilityPARTNERS

GenCell actively works with companies and associations in Europe, North America and the Middle East to promote fuel cell technology and green energy. Reducing pollution and greenhouse gases will improve not only our quality of life but also the world we live in.

Our Distributors



PowerCol is a leader in manufacturing, distributing, marketing and providing maintenance services to hydrogen generating equipment, contributing to the economic savings of customers and to generating cleaner energy solutions, resulting in emission reduction and protection of the environment.

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Amorele Technology Inc. is a single source Information Technology Solutions and Services company integrating structured cabling, networking, data, audio, video and security systems, wireless communication, and other advanced Information Technology systems and services. We provide peace of mind from project design and development to service and maintenance.

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Quantum Energy Systems


Quantum Energy Systems (QES), provides the industry’s leading back-up energy solutions, delivering consistent, stable power — and the reassurance that utilities, substations, businesses, agencies, medical centers, educational facilities, and other vital providers need.

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Fuel Cell Corporation of the Americas, FCCA is a business developer and distributor of fuel cells, electrolyzers, absorption chillers and adsorption chillers. FCCA is a provider of combined heat and power solutions (CHP). FCCA designs, tests and maintains energy systems.

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Gallorema is a specialist in champagne handling. Based in Reims and Troyes, Gallorema specializes in the maintenance and repair of forklifts, stackers, reach trucks, Yale and all brands. Gallorema meets all the constraints of handling for wine growers, artisans, SMEs, large champagne Houses and industries.

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A. Müller GmbH


Whether as a company, service provider or public institution, at A. Müller GmbH you will find a reliable partner. From consulting to project planning, delivery and installation, right through to maintenance, A. Müller GmbH provides you secure complete solutions and components for safe power supply. These includes: UPS systems, emergency power systems, stationary battery systems, and emergency lighting systems.

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Uganda and South Africa

Leading Power and Telecom solutions integrator for Africa

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Aylsbury Scientific


Aylesbury Scientific provides independent advice about mission critical infrastructure protection to Aviation Facilities, Border Control, Law Enforcement, Judicial and Criminal Justice Systems, Military and Defense, Government, Embassies, Banking, Financial Institution, Private Security, Multinational and Commercial Organizations.

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SAI develops activity in the energy market, with the objective to give customers the best solutions for comprehensive electrical energy storage, study and analysis for the best energy use and reduced energy consumption.

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Our distributors act as true partners and advisors, providing best-in-class solutions and energy management expertise. They’re committed to:

  • Building strategic, long-term customer relationships


  • Optimizing customers’ power management for the highest power efficiency and lowest TCO


  • Solving complex energy generation challenges


  • Maintaining up-to-date product and solution knowledge

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