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1.1 billion people lack electricity for lighting, telecom, cooking & economic development. 84% of them live in rural areas beyond the grid. Telecom and rural electrification is critical for improving their quality of life. By 2020 there were more than 1 million telecom towers in off-grid and poor-grid locations powered by diesel generators polluting the air and contaminating the soil.

Green Energy at Half the Price of Diesel

The GenCell FOX™ off-grid power solution provides the benefits of green fuel cell energy with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel – anhydrous ammonia. GenCell’s patented ammonia cracking device generates hydrogen-on-demand for use by its hydrogen fuel cell generators. A single 12-ton tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for up to a year of 24/7 operation*. When installing the GenCell FOX at 1,000 sites or more, you can save up to $250 million or more compared to diesel solutions.

To watch the video explanation of the full process of ammonia to power generation, click here.

* depending on power rating


  1. Ammonia cracker
  2. 4kW fuel cell generator
  3. Energy bridge for regulating power output
  4. Heat utilization unit for dissipating excess heat

Rated power4kW
Output voltage-48 VDC
EmissionsUsable heat, water vapor, NOx less than 1ppm

Anhydrous ammonia (NH3)Technical grade (99.5%)
Fuel consumption (max.)2.5 kg/h
OxidantAmbient air

Potassium hydrochloride (KOH)28-32% mass

Startup time2.5 hours (approx.)
Automatic start/stopAvailable
InstallationShipping container (optional)
Remote management (IoT)Available
NH3 cracking temperature< 700oC (1,292oF)


Dimensions* (incl. container)L:3.00m-4.00m x W:2.00m-2.20m x H:2.20m-2.40m
Weight* (incl. container)2,500kg – 3,000kg
Durability/lifespan10 years

Operating temperature-20oC up to +40oC (-4°F up to +104°F)
Noise (at 1 m)<60 dB
Relative humidity (max.)90%
Storage temperature-20oC up to +55oC (-4°F up to +131°F)
Surface deviation1 degree

*can vary depending on actual system configuration


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