GENCELL EVOX™ Autonomous Off-Grid Hydrogen EV Charging


Delivering Autonomous EV Charging Stations to Resolve Grid Shortages while Eliminating Emissions

The global forecast for electric vehicles is growing steadily. To realize this potential, drivers expect to be able to drive continuously without fear of losing power outside of their charging range. Today's power infrastructure does not allow charging in many remote locations and will not be able to meet the power demand for charging the rapidly increasing number of EVs entering the market everyday. To overcome these challenges, the GenCell EVOX™ delivers hybrid EV charging independent of the grid. Power from zero-emission hydrogen complements other RE resources to supply a modular, scalable and green solution.

evox gencell
  • Zero-emissions, compliant with RE incentives
  • Eliminates EV drivers’ range anxiety
  • Reduces stress on power grid
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Suits Fast, Super & Turbo DC charging power sources
  • Fast deployment
  • Low maintenance
  • Ammonia-ready to minimize OpEx


Rated power5kW
Output voltage43 - 53 VDC

Fuel - Hydrogen99.95% or higher
Specific fuel consumption70 g/kWh @ rated power
Input pressure3-5 BAR (43-72 PSIG)
Nitrogen99.95% or higher (used only between operations)

Potassium hydroxide (KOH)28-32% mass

Noise pressure (@1m) <55db
Operating temperature-20°C up to +45°C (-4°F up to +113°F)
Operating humidity10-95%RH, Non-condensing
Operating Altitude (above sea level)  Up to 2500 m (8200 ft)
Storage temperature-20°C up to +55°C (-4°F up to +131°F)
Installation Capability  Outdoors
Emissions  Heat, Water Vapor

Remote IoT ManagerAvailable
Remote start and shutdownAvailable
User InterfaceLocal and Web Interface
Access Password ProtectionUser level and Service level
Alarm/Event Monitoring & Reporting SystemLocal alarm with email or SMS
Alarm History LoggingRecords, events and logs
Configurable AlarmsAvailable