Uninterrupted     clean power,   anywhere   in the world.


—Multipurpose green, grid-independent, resilient power for DC fast charging, backup and 24/7 emergency operations

To realize the goals of the transition to electric transportation, power for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations should be easily accessible, cost-efficient, and emission-free, but this clean power is not yet available everywhere.

Complementing BESS storage with on-site fuel cells for high-power generation and advanced smart energy management software, the EVOX delivers a climate-resilient, zero-emission, uninterrupted multi-purpose power solution.

• Supplementary power for routine DC fast charging operations
• Grid-independent backup power for EVs & facilities during outages
• Mobile power solution for emergency & disaster response

Offering optimized efficiency, performance and cost of energy, GenCell EVOX minimizes deployment lead time so you can meet power needs anywhere, right now, and in any grid conditions – single-phase, weak or off-grid, rural or urban.

GenCell EVOX


per day

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—Long-duration backup power for mission-critical applications

GenCell BOX is a mandatory component of every telecom base station and other critical devices that must remain powered.

Rugged, reliable, and resilient, the GenCell BOX™ leverages hydrogen fuel cells to output 48V of long-duration, zero-emission direct current power.

No more outages, no more maintenance, just power as planned.

GenCell EVOX


Zero-emission DC generation

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—Utility substation backup power

Power outages cost the U.S. $150 billion each year, and the intensity and cost of outages are increasing due to climate crisis. Traditional backup solutions are often unreliable and unsustainable.

GenCell REX™ offers an emission-free hydrogen-powered solution for substation backup.

As a Tier 1 source of backup power or as a supplement to battery systems, the REX powers circuit breaker auto-reclosers until the grid recovers, keeping utility customers connected and giving maintenance teams peace of mind.

GenCell EVOX


backup per substation

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—Grid-independent primary power

The GenCell FOX™ off-grid primary power solution, currently in beta-testing, is designed to economically extract hydrogen on-demand and on-site.

Through our patented technology, we’re developing a way to use anhydrous ammonia as an economical and accessible source of hydrogen.

One tank of ammonia will fuel up to a year of 24/7 power (depending on power rating), ensuring power reliability and independence for remote locations.

GenCell EVOX


Days of Autonomous Power Generation

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—GenCell Energy Management Software – GEMS

GenCell GEMS™ – GenCell Energy Management Software – is GenCell’s family of computing solutions that enable customers to optimally control GenCell solutions with maximal operational intelligence. We translate the expertise and experience from deployments of varied power applications into energy management software tailored to our customers’ needs. The software optimally monitors and controls equipment remotely in real-time and offers reporting and analysis tools for long-term continuous improvement, allowing maximum ROI from your energy systems.

GenCell has developed the core component of the GEMS – the GenCell intelligent IoT edge platform – which we deliver as an embedded element of every GenCell solution. Going forward, GenCell is expanding the scope and functionality of the GEMS to include smart energy management applications that further enhance the value of GenCell’s solutions.

For example, GEMS calculates hydrogen fuel levels, indicating exactly how long your system will run until you must refuel. And the platform can be customized to meet special needs. Work just got a whole lot easier.

GenCell GEMS


Energy Management System

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