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Keep your mission-critical operations running, no matter what

  • Rugged to withstand severe conditions
  • Resilient, fail-safe, on-demand & long-duration
  • Operational intelligence for smart power asset management

First responders and emergency teams deal with ever more complex challenges.  Severe weather is only becoming  more frequent and more intense, causing a wider range of disaster situations and extensive power outages.  To equip disaster response teams with tools to let them do their jobs best, critical communications suppliers offer an expanding variety of wireless infrastructure technologies.  

These new technologies and devices offer improved connectivity and interoperability. But operating these devices depends on power – and the success of your operations demands that you have resilient power to keep your always-on network up and running in even the harshest conditions.  

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GenCell develops unique fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity. Building on the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American and Russian space programs, we offer solutions that generate clean, affordable off-grid and backup power for the telecom industry as well as for other market segments and applications.