Let's talk about your clean energy needs


In a world that needs resilience while transitioning to clean energy, we're on a mission to meet telecom providers’ needs for reliable, cost-effective and emission-free backup and off-grid power.  

Let's meet to calculate your TCO and see how you can reduce your OpEx with our A5.

GenCell A5 - Off-grid Power Reinvented:

  • Rugged, reliable, kicks in and keeps running in harshest weather
  • Runs on safe, economical, easily transportable liquid ammonia
  • Replaces pollutant, theft-prone, maintenance-intensive diesel fuel and generators

At MWC, we will be focused on finding partners for:

  • Beta-site POCs to power off-grid telecom towers
  • Innovative renewable energy projects fueled by hydrogen and ammonia
  • Rallying telecoms to #SayNoToDiesel

Are any of these topics on your agenda? 

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GenCell develops unique fuel cell solutions that offer clean power for humanity. Building on the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American and Russian space programs, we offer solutions that generate clean, affordable off-grid and backup power for the telecom industry as well as for other market segments and applications.