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The GenCell G5 long-duration UPS (uninterruptible power supply) provides a potentially unlimited source of 5kW of backup power for telecom, first responders and niche industrial markets. Designed to be extremely reliable, the GenCell solution has minimal moving parts, redundant internal systems and is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, salinity).

The GenCell G5 overcomes the significant weaknesses of the most common backup power solutions: the limited duration of batteries, the smell, noise and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the weather/daylight limitations of solar energy systems. Fueled by hydrogen, the clean energy of the future, the GenCell G5 power solution produces no emissions, noise or vibrations, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.


The GenCell G5 advantages:


GenCell G5 generator components layout

1. GenCell G5 electrochemical generator
2. Heat utilization unit for dissipating excess heat
3. Energy bridge for immediate injection of power upon grid failure and regulating specific power outputs
4. Fuel reservoir  comprised of standard hydrogen cylinders


Maximum load current 180 A
Voltage at the maximum load current > 30 VDC
Starting time (from 0 to the maximum load) Immediate with backup battery
Fuel Hydrogen (industrial-grade)
Hydrogen consumption at the maximum power ≤ 0.42 kg/h (≤ 0.93 lb/h)
Hydrogen input pressure 200-300 kPa (30-44 psi)
Oxidant Ambient air
Air consumption at maximum power ≤ 40 Nm3/h (≤ 1412 Nft3/h)
Gas for the non-operating mode (storage) of the ECG Nitrogen (industrial-grade)
Nitrogen input pressure 200-300 kPa (30-44 psi)
Electrolyte KOH solution (28-32 mass %)
Ambient temperature -40°C up to +45°C (-40°F up to +113°F)
Max relative humidity 98%
Noise pressure < 65 dB
Dimensions L x W x H 1240 x 720 x 1100 mm (48.8 x 28.3 x 43.3 in)
Mass w/o electrolyte 320 kg (706 lb)

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