GenCell Fuell Cell Technology

Meet the new Gold standard FOR A       sustainable   energy future.


The Evolution of Green Power


GenCell is founded​.


Non-platinum catalyst invented​. The team at GenCell pioneers a breakthrough by adapting the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American and Russian space programs for terrestrial use.

Fuel Cell Stack


Development of first GenCell fuel stack.



Launch of GenCell G5, hydrogen-fueled backup power solution for mission-critical applications.

GenCell REX


Launch of GenCell REX™​ hydrogen-fueled backup power for utilities​.

GenCell BOX


Launch of GenCell BOX™​​ enhanced hydrogen-fueled backup power for outdoors.​

GenCell GEMS


Launch of GenCell GEMS™​ energy management software.

GenCell EVOX


Launch of GenCell EVOX™​ green, grid-independent EV charging solution.

GenCell FOX at ECS site in Iceland

Beta Testing

To avoid the complex & expensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure, the GenCell FOX™, fueled by hydrogen-on-demand from anhydrous ammonia (NH3), will deliver affordable off-grid primary power.

GenCell OX

In R&D

GenCell to launch the GenCell OX™​ double-density hydrogen-fueled backup power solution.

GenCell Technology

In R&D

GenCell develops novel Water2Power™ technology for on-site green ammonia synthesis.

How it

[Optimal Energy Solutions]

There are many roads to take in the energy industry, and although the path we follow is challenging, we are dedicated to optimizing alkaline chemistry to generate one of the world’s most efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy technologies.

—We have adapted alkaline fuel cell application, originally developed for NASA into viable, affordable solutions that deliver power in any conditions anywhere on Earth.

Evolving from Hydrogen2Power to more economical Ammonia2Power applications, we are relentlessly optimizing our processes to become 100% clean and self-sustained, start to finish.

Hydrogen 2 PowerTM

—Alkaline fuel cells powered by hydrogen

Resilient, ultra-reliable, zero-emission alkaline fuel cells combine hydrogen with oxygen to generate continuous power. Hydrogen-fueled alkaline fuel cells offer:

  1. The highest electrochemical efficiency among known fuel cell types
  2. The highest resiliency in extreme weather conditions
  3. Lower equipment costs thanks to the elimination of non-noble catalysts

Ammonia 2 PowerTM

—Ammonia offers a more economical and accessible means to store and transport hydrogen

The ultimate hydrogen carrier, energy-dense ammonia is easier and more economical to transport and store than hydrogen gas. For 24/7 primary power, ammonia offers a cost-effective fast path to clean energy.
GenCell has developed a patented ammonia cracker to extract hydrogen-on-demand from anhydrous ammonia which going ahead has been designed to enable 24/7 off-grid, primary power applications.

Water 2 PowerTM

—Eliminates end-to-end emissions through green ammonia

To fully eliminate emissions from start to finish, we are developing a disruptive, low-temperature and low-pressure process to economically produce green ammonia on-site from only sun (photovoltaics), water (hydrogen extracted from water), and air (nitrogen extracted from air).
Using green ammonia as fuel reduces emissions across the lifecycle, achieving the highest level of sustainability and meeting zero-carbon targets.


— A circular, self-contained, clean energy solution

Our GreenFSG technology fuels, stores, and generates clean energy on-site, wherever power is needed, offering the highest level of end-to-end sustainable, accessible energy. We are investing in catalyst chemistry to circumvent the high-temperature, high-pressure traditional Haber-Bosch formula. Through our Water2Power technology, we’ve created a revolutionary, disruptive energy production method that produces clean, continuously available fuel anywhere it is needed.

We envision an energy future incorporating broad distribution of independent, nano-power plants that produce green ammonia fuel from only sun, air and water using our Water2Power solution.

This fuel is seasonally stored on-site alongside the ammonia cracker and fuel cell, working in sync to generate resilient power on-demand for myriad applications, completely eliminating emissions as well as the need for fuel transport.


GenCell production

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