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—Tailored energy solutions for every market.

Primary or backup, we provide clean power across global markets, including electric vehicle charging, energy and utilities, telecom, and hybrid microgrids.

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, GenCell is expanding our reach to provide self-sustained, emission-free power solutions to new locations and market segments.
Join us on the journey to a clean energy future.

Electric Vehicle

With over 25% of the world’s emissions caused by transportation, the automotive industry is transitioning to electric vehicles.

But existing electricity grids are unable to support the growing demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging, requiring upgrades that may be costly, time-consuming, or inaccessible.

GenCell’s green, grid-independent EVOX solution fills the power gap for DC fast charging.

Access reliable, clean, and cost-effective EV charging anywhere.

To overcome the EV charging power gap for EV charging while also supporting backup power for facilities as well as for emergency operations, check out the GenCell EVOX™.

EV Charging Market

Energy &
Utilities Market

In order to continue to power our planet through the climate crisis and ever-changing geopolitics, power utilities and energy companies must transition to resilient, carbon-neutral energy. Hydrogen provides reliable, flexible, and sustainable energy, and offers alternative revenue growth streams for power utilities.

More frequent and severe power outages encourage utilities to secure clean, long-duration backup power for substations and to incorporate distributed energy resources leveraging failsafe, weather-resistant hydrogen energy.

Our GenCell REX™ delivers resilient, zero-emission backup power for utility substations.  Utilizing fuel cells powered by hydrogen to deliver a direct DC feed of efficient, extended runtime auxiliary power during outages, the REX ensures continuous operation of critical equipment until grid recovery.

Faced with requests to rapidly expand infrastructure to accomodate increases in power demand, utilities are leveraging distributed energy resources behind the meter. To this end, the GenCell EVOX™ combines energy storage with on-site hydrogen-fueled power generation to ensure uninterrupted DC fast charging, backup and 24/7 emergency operations.

GenCell Solutions for Utilities

Telecom Market

Connectivity is the lifeline of the digital economy, and telecom networks require an exponentially increasing volume of continuous, reliable power in order to meet both customer and market demand. Governments, investors, and the public seek drive telcos that to prioritize sustainable energy solutions. Whether for emergency response, disaster relief, or simply staying connected, GenCell’s uninterrupted clean power is telecom’s ideal solution.

GenCell for Telecom

GenCell offers the optimal solution for sustainable, long-duration backup power: GenCell BOX for Mission-Critical Connectivity

telecom power and backup power

Hybrid Microgrids

Hybrid microgrids increase resilience for distributed local communities and tribes and help meet clean energy regulations. There are numerous incentive programs to develop hybrid energy projects, many of which assist in disaster recovery and protect emergency shelters and services. Hybrid microgrids create infrastructure stability while delivering clean, reliable energy.

Hydrogen fuel cells complement intermittent renewables with a stable stream of power that can kick in whenever and continue for as long as power is needed. Offering multipurpose green, grid-independent, resilient power, GenCell EVOX systems supply microgrids with weather-resistant, reliable power for EV charging, backup power and emergency services that supplement during grid connectivity and generate independent power during grid interruptions.  Modular and scalable, GenCell BOX™  hydrogen fuel cell units reinforce microgrids with reliable, long-duration backup power, especially during the extreme weather that is becoming increasingly prevalent due to climate crisis.

GenCell for microgrids


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