GenCell for Telecom

Shelli Zargary
January 7, 2020

Sustainably & Resiliently Powering Continuous Connectivity

• The digital connectivity that drives our online society and economy depends on uninterrupted operation of telco networks, which depend on constant power.

• The continuous expansion of these networks to cover more advanced technologies and use cases leveraging IoT and enhanced equipment, such as smart cities, e-commerce, telelearning and autonomous vehicles are exponentially increasing telcos’ gross demand for power. While 5G is more energy efficient, overall, it increases telco energy consumption, while IoT edge computing increases power requirements at the edge of the network.

• Climate crisis causes more frequent severe weather incidents that in turn lead to more frequent and more severe power outages. Continued use of fossil fuels exacerbates these climate issues and power outages. Indeed, during these outages, the telecom services – which are ever more crucial for emergency response and disaster recovery – are completely dependent on reliable and resilient backup power.

• In parallel, telcos are pressured by governments, investors, and consumers to set ambitious sustainability targets and to eliminate emissions while minimizing costs.

• Telecom corporations to date have mainly met sustainability targets by offsetting and investing in distant renewable energy projects  – an accounting exercise funding existing solar PV & wind with telecom dollars.

• To demonstrate an authentic commitment to sustainability targets and to involve employees and suppliers – and to avoid carbon taxes and penalties – today telecom providers are starting to eliminate the carbon from the power in their own core operations.

Resolving these Challenges

• To resolve these challenges, sustainable, resilient hydrogen-to-power can ensure continuous connectivity while contributing to long-term climate action and meeting emissions targets.

• GenCell delivers hydrogen-to-power alkaline fuel cell solutions that backup radio networks and communications devices and systems, replacing the diesel generators that have traditionally been the only reliable backup power solution in many places around the world.

• GenCell is developing ammonia-to-power solutions that will make hydrogen storage and power generation more affordable enabling primary and off-grid power based on hydrogen.

• GenCell has introduced GreenFSG technology to enable resilient, uninterrupted green power anywhere. Self-contained green energy circular economies that let telcos produce and consume well-to-wheel green power  to run radio equipment and edge networks anywhere.


Why hydrogen is the optimal solution:

  • Highest reliability for continuous power
  • No engine or mechanical parts means less service & maintenance and longer lifetime than fossil fuel generators
  • Longer runtime and less maintenance and disposal issues than batteries
  • Resilient in any climate, terrain and weather conditions, including in sub-freezing temperatures where GenCell’s coldstart feature offers unique benefit


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—Welcome to the new gold standard for a sustainable energy future.

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