—Utility substation backup power

Power outages cost the U.S. $150 billion each year, and the intensity and cost of outages are increasing due to climate crisis. Traditional backup solutions are often unreliable and unsustainable.

GenCell REX™ offers an emission-free hydrogen-powered solution for substation backup.

As a Tier 1 source of backup power or as a supplement to battery systems, the REX powers circuit breaker auto-reclosers until the grid recovers, keeping utility customers connected and giving maintenance teams peace of mind.

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backup per substation

Key Benefits

High redundancy of stacks = failsafe

Extended duration from hours to days, for as long as fuel is available

Withstands extreme temperatures (-20°C – +45°C)

Complies with strict power industry standards

Ultra-low maintenance

Zero carbon emissions

Drop & connect, Outdoors, seamless kick-in

Operational intelligence

Product Values

The GenCell REX is tailored to provide flexible, resilient, zero-emission power to utility substations. Delivering long-duration backup power that maintains substation auto-reclosures active throughout power outages of any duration, the GenCell REx is key to rapidly restoring power for utility companies’ millions of customers. It can be positioned as a Tier 1 solution to replace battery backup or as Tier 2 to supplement battery backup. The REX can be installed with an optional heavy-duty outdoor enclosure that is seismic and EMS compliant to withstand earthquakes and EMPs. The system complies with strict power utility quality and cybersecurity standards and certifications.

Why are utilities choosing the GenCell REX?

  • Extended runtime for days of 130V backup power for essential functions such as switching, control, protection, and communication equipment during power outages.
  • Unlimited zero-emission energy capacity via each added H2 cylinder delivering 6 hrs @2.5kW load; H2 monitoring allows Time-To-Leave (TTL) calculations and notifications and automated triggers for H2 replacement.
  • Enhanced resiliency and autonomy with unmatched high reliability of on-site fuel cell power generation increases decision-making flexibility during blackouts.
  • Cost-efficiency:
    • Replace multiple batteries with reduced footprint of H2 energy storage (4 sqm = ~72hrs backup per substation).
    • Substitute wet battery rooms with fully outdoor installation to reduce real estate costs.
    • Dual voltage option 130V and 48V minimizes CapEx investment and enables versatile configurations.
    • No special infrastructure, suitable for outdoors and indoor installations enables integration of both transmission and distribution substations between 11 – 512kV.
    • Reduced PM labor and costs via remote IoT edge monitoring; minimal annual maintenance & on-site visits.
  • Advanced edge IoT software optimizes full IT and OT integration with IT and SCADA infrastructure including broad support for utility-related protocols such as DNP3, IEC104, Modbus TCP/IP & RTU and offering strict cybersecurity compliance with NIST853 and OWASP requirements.

Product Certifications

IEC/EN 62282-3-100, IEC 60950-1, IEC 60204-1, IEC 60335-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 55011
IEEE693-2005 (Seismic, High Performance Level), OSHA1910.103,
IEEE Std C37.90.1-2012 Sections 4.1, 4.2
EMC: EN55011/EN61000-6-2
IEEE 693 (seismic design)



How does the GenCell REX provide backup power for substations?

The GenCell REX utilizes fuel cells powered by hydrogen to deliver a direct DC feed of efficient, extended runtime auxiliary backup power for substations during outages, ensuring continuous operation of critical equipment. Operating as a direct source of backup power or supplementing legacy backup battery systems that can provide only 6-8 hours of electricity, the GenCell REX solution offers an immediate injection of power that keeps circuit breaker “auto reclosers” operational until the grid recovers.

What advantages does the GenCell REX offer compared to legacy battery systems?

The GenCell REX provides enhanced durability and reliability, highest resilience and resistance to extreme weather and substantially longer duration backup power than traditional battery systems. The REX eliminates the need for costly multiple battery rooms with their large size and space footprint and temperature requirements of 15ᵒc – 25ᵒc for maintaining battery efficiency.

Can the GenCell REX support a variety of substation loads and communications systems?

Yes, the GenCell REX is available in different configurations to support a variety of substation loads and communications systems. Offering optimal flexibility to meet diverse power requirements, the REX offers dual usage of 130 & 48VDC from the same product, supporting in parallel critical substation loads as well as internal communications and SCADA systems that monitor the utilities’ operations.

How does the GenCell REX integrate with existing utility infrastructure and SCADA systems?

The GenCell REX offers advanced integration capabilities (DNP3, IT OT) with enhanced interface with leading utility SCADA systems, allowing seamless integration into existing infrastructure for efficient management and monitoring.  Furthermore, GenCell has enhanced and improved the functionality of the GEMS™ INTELLIGENT EDGE IOT SOLUTION to make IoT connectivity and security easy. GenCell’s embedded software affords utilities expanded remote control of the REX as well as maximal visibility of the equipment via additional data points that can be accessed by the utilities’ monitoring systems. The system is multi-protocol, offering north and southbound modularity, Edge IoT functionality such as logic framework, automated reporting and optimized cyber-security. REX is cloud-agnostic and incorporates a built-in web server and is smart-grid ready.

What maintenance protocol is required for the GenCell REX?

The GenCell REX is rugged and sturdy, with no vibration and few moving parts. Designed for low routine maintenance, the REX has minimal upkeep requirements, no cleaning requirements and no membranes to treat and needs infrequent parts, fuel and consumable replacements, typically involving no more than annual servicing.  Minimal site visits and maintenance costs translate to reduced system OPEX.

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