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All substations equipped, by design, with back up lead acid batteries, open all circuit breakers upon sensing power loss and hold them for up to 8 hours. In cases where the outage is prolonged, GenCell’s G5rx keeps the substation operational up to 10 times longer than comparable standard battery rooms, until the grid re-charges and recovers. From scheduled power outages to black start, the GenCell G5rx offers instantaneous injection of power generation to battery rooms. Fully certified, the GenCell G5rx has been rigorously tested by our customers in Europe and North America, delivering flawless commercial performance.

The GenCell G5rx advantages:

Extension of substation battery preformance

GenCell's extension of substation battery performance


Protecting Your Mission Critical Systems

Suited for use in power and utility markets, electric and integrated power providers choose GenCell’s reliable long-term backup platform that produces 5kW of auxiliary power for substations and power plants; keeping batteries fully charged for a duration of up to 10 times longer than comparable battery rooms.


For remote performance monitoring and management of the system, the G5rx comes with an innovative Network Operations Center system that provides users with a real-time overview of the unit’s status, allows for instant recovery of critical assets and at the same time provides the current capability status of each individual substation.

In addition, GenCell’s unique energy management software allows for the bundling of multiple units per island, generating an integrated frequency reference that supports a black start corridor process. This elegant restoration process eliminates the need for standby diesel generators.

GenCell G5rx generator components layout1. GenCell G5rx – A generator producing 5kW
2. Heat utilization unit – disperses excess heat from the system
3. Energy bridge – provides electricity immediately upon grid failure (UPS attributes) as well as specific power outputs
4. Fuel reservoir – standard hydrogen cylinders, with the amount based on end customer specification of backup hours
5. Shelter – outdoor enclosure protecting all the of system’s components (1-4)

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