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In its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, the American Society of Civil Engineers assigned a “D+” to the US' aging energy infrastructure.
Just a few weeks after the report was released, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco were hit by major power outages on the same day. Mass transit was in chaos as the electrical outages caused the failure of signals and station lights. Office workers were stranded in elevators and hospital operating rooms were shut down. And businesses, factories, and homes went dark. For anywhere between four and ten hours, it was utter chaos for hundreds of thousands of people.


But power outages aren't a one-time event. In 2017, 36.7 million people in the U.S. were affected by 3,526 reported power outages, affecting 18 million people. They cost businesses more than 150 billion dollars in losses. And that’s only in the US. Power outages happen everywhere. And they cost businesses billions and billions of dollars in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Reasons forOutages

Sometimes power outages are caused by bad weather like hurricanes, blizzards and even earthquakes. Other times they’re caused by excess demand on aging power grids or by a drop in electricity produced from renewable resources due to cloudy or windless days. Outages can also be caused by animals such as hungry squirrels or overly curious monkeys.

Fuel Cell Solutions to the Rescue

Always ready without the need for regular testing, GenCell fuel cell power solutions are perfect for providing an auxiliary source of electricity for utilities, homeland security, healthcare and automated industries. GenCell solutions also immunize you from electrical spikes or outages with instant backup power. And they support you through sustained outages that last several hours or even several days.

To see why fuel cells are a great solution for providing backup power, read the white paper "The Big Deal With Fuel Cells."


GenCell REX™: the substation backup power solution with the X factor - eXtended runtime. An upgrade to the GenCell G5rx™, REX produces emission-free auxiliary electricity for substations during outages to supplement or replace legacy backup battery systems.

GenCell REX


The GenCell BOX™ long-duration backup power solution provides a compact, resilient and emission-free source of 5kW backup power designed especially for critical communications and other mission-critical applications.

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