First-Responders & Homeland Security
Clean Power for Public Safety



First-Responders & Homeland SecuritySEEK 24/7 RELIABLE GREEN POWER

When our world faces new and unprecedented threats,  first-responders and emergency teams are our first line of defense. Uninterrupted power is key to mission-critical public operations and to maintaining civil and military services, especially in emergencies. Reliable off-grid and backup power ensure the operation of emergency control rooms, communications security and CCTV systems and life-saving safety equipment. Providing backup power systems for shelters facilitates emergency operations and can ensure order during civil and natural disasters.

Reliably PoweringPublic Safety Services

For fire and police stations, hospitals and government installations, secure instant access to an independent energy source during power outages or natural disasters is critical for providing essential services that ensure public safety and satisfaction while maintaining calm and public order. Governments and public service organizations are turning to GenCell for affordable, secure and independent 24/7 backup or off-grid power solutions that provide sustainable power as long as it’s needed.

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ProtectingResilient, Sustainable Borders

Border control agencies face tough challenges protecting long borders that extend through remote and sensitive locations in often sparsely populated and problematic terrain. Ensuring resilient, uninterrupted power to keep equipment and operations running at all times while also complying with strict environmental regulations is critical to mission success.

Border control and protection organizations can rely on GenCell for resilient, always available, physically and cybersecure backup or off-grid power solutions to preserve mission readiness and enable faster recovery from incidents.

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