GENCELL G5rxUtility Backup Power Solution



Aging electrical grids and more frequent extreme weather make it increasingly challenging to meet the power needs of always-connected businesses and consumer lifestyles. In 2015, Americans experienced a reported 3,571 total outages, with an average duration of 49 minutes. Momentary blackouts cost the US economy $60 billion while sustained blackouts cost $50 billion.

Keeping Auto-Reclosers Operational

The GenCell G5rx utility backup power solution produces 5kW of emissions-free electricity for substations during power outages. Operating as a direct source of power or supplementing legacy backup battery systems that provide only 6-8 hours of electricity, the GenCell G5rx keeps circuit breaker auto-reclosers operational until the grid recovers. The solution alleviates the need for costly multiple battery rooms, avoids the pollution and maintenance costs of diesel and includes a shelter that is resistant to high-voltage interference and earthquakes.


What Powers the G5rx?

The G5rx is powered by hydrogen. GenCell has developed a number of patented technologies to reduce the capex and opex of our fuel-cell power solutions, including the use of a non-platinum catalyst, mechanisms for using ambient air as an oxidizer, and using lower-cost fuels such as industrial-grade hydrogen gas. These technology breakthroughs overcome the obstacles that have historically prevented the mainstream adoption of fuel cells.



  1. 5kW fuel cell generator
  2. Heat utilization unit for dissipating excess heat
  3. Energy bridge for instant electrical power generation and regulating power output
  4. Fuel supply comprised of standard hydrogen cylinders
  5. Shelter enclosure to protect all system components (#1-4)
Rated power configurations5kW
Output voltage configurations-48 VDC / +48 VDC / 230 VAC / 130 VDC
EmissionsUsable heat, water vapor

Hydrogen99.95% or higher
Fuel consumption70 g/kWh
Input pressure300-500 kPa
StorageInternal. 4 standard manifold cylinders package

Potassium hydroxide28-32% mass

Startup timeImmediate
Automatic start/stopIncluded
Remote control/management (NOC)Optional

Every 500 hours of operation or annually, whichever comes first

Footprint2,800 x 2,250 x 2,500 mm (110.2 x 88.6 x 98.4 in.)

Operating temperature-40°C up to +45°C (-40°F up to +113°F)
Relative humidityUp to 90%
Storage temperature-40°C up to +55°C (-40 °F up to +131°F)

EC Declaration of Conformity
The Standards Institution of Israel
EMC: EN55011/EN61000-6-2
ISO 9001:2008
IEEE 693 (Seismic design)


Learn about fuel cell technologies and why GenCell’s solutions are an excellent source of backup energy.



The GenCell G5 long-duration UPS (uninterruptible power supply) provides a potentially unlimited source of 5kW backup power for telecom, homeland security, healthcare and niche industrial markets.

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