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GenCell GEMS™ – GenCell Energy Management Software – is GenCell’s family of computing solutions that enable customers to optimally control GenCell solutions with maximal operational intelligence. We translate the expertise and experience from deployments of varied power applications into energy management software tailored to our customers’ needs. The software optimally monitors and controls equipment remotely in real-time and offers reporting and analysis tools for long-term continuous improvement, allowing maximum ROI from your energy systems.

GenCell has developed the core component of the GEMS – the GenCell intelligent IoT edge platform – which we deliver as an embedded element of every GenCell solution. Going forward, GenCell is expanding the scope and functionality of the GEMS to include smart energy management applications that further enhance the value of GenCell’s solutions.

For example, GEMS calculates hydrogen fuel levels, indicating exactly how long your system will run until you must refuel. And the platform can be customized to meet special needs. Work just got a whole lot easier.

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Energy Management System

Key Benefits

Derisk your business with operational intelligence

Maximize equipment visibility

Apply predictive maintenance

Execute remote management

Track & measure KPIs

Optimize performance

Gain insight from history & dashboards

Continuous improvement

Product Values

When operating backup and off-grid power solutions, failure is not an option. Whether used to support mission-critical equipment in utilities, telecom, homeland security, healthcare or niche industrial applications, the equipment must always be ready to kick in immediately and supply power at a moment’s notice.

Incorporating a remote edge layer connected to equipment controllers, a central data server and a proprietary asset management & control application, the GenCell GEMS Intelligent IoT Edge platform allows customers to:

    • Monitor equipment running hours, online load profile, hydrogen consumption, hydrogen fuel levels, performance and more;
    • Receive instant alerts regarding abnormal performance for preventive maintenance;
    • Generate automatic reports, remotely complete maintenance tasks and perform over-the-air (OTA) software upgrades;
    • Create custom reports and dashboards and connect to third-party management systems via APIs.

    Most customers employ EMS/SCADA software, requiring that GenCell’s solutions interface with their applications via generic communication protocols.

    To accomodate them, GenCell has developed a proprietary IoT Edge computing platform as the connectivity layer to enable remote customer service via remote supervision and management. The platform lets GenCell support multi-communication protocols and flexibly upgrade and expand SW functionality, fix bugs and add features, facilitating easy connectivity,  routine notifications and alerts, historical reports generation, advanced analytics and more.

    Key Features of the enhanced GEMS Intelligent IoT Edge platform:

      • Centralized connectivity and management of all devices
      • Support for latest up-to-date connectivity protocols: MQTT, REST API, Modbus, DNP3, SNMP and IEC104
      • Login locally and/or remotely via browser, web UI, phone, or tablet
      • Smart Automated Reporting sends insights directly to customers’ email /Telegram account
      • Integration with third-party sensors, hardware and software for maximum customizability and agility
      • Optimized for cybersecurity, the software has been penetration-tested and complies with cybersecurity standards

    On top of the Intelligent IoT Edge computing layer, the GEMS portfolio is offering an expanding set of comprehensive energy management capabilities for different applications.  The GenCell EVOX™ incorporates smart real-time energy site management software managing the allocation of available power sources and monitoring the energy consumed by EV charging to achieve optimal cost, efficiency, and performance.


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How does the GEMS Intelligent IoT Edge platform enable quick, easy and simple integration with third-party monitoring and management applications?

To integrate with different customers’ varied and often bespoke EMS/SCADA software applications, GenCell has developed its Intelligent IoT Edge platform to interface with these different systems by using a wide variety of industrial generic communication protocols. Every industry sector uses different communication protocols and GenCell’s platform has been tested and proven to connect with virtually all of them, saving our customers the need to invest in interfaces, drivers, custom conversion devices and expensive in-house computing services.

How does the Intelligent IoT Edge platform make our customers’ lives easier?

GenCell power solution users can gain visibility into what is happening on-site anytime, anywhere by simply connecting to the platform via any device using only a web browser. They can quickly see an overview of system performance using the dashboard and can easily drill down to see more detailed data on various attributes and KPIs using the analysis tools and reports.  In this way, our customers can optimally manage several sites via one monitor, keep track of all key issues and export data for further analyses.

How does the GenCell GEMS Intelligent IoT Edge platform enable GenCell to agilely and flexibly respond to custom requirements of our customers?

The GenCell GEMS Intelligent IoT Edge software incorporates a logic framework built on event-driven rules that allow flexible online, on-the-fly configuration to support customers’ specific requirements and needs. In contrast to rigid software products that constrain the customer to adapt their operations to the software’s limitations, the open and flexible GEMS computing platform can embed the customers’ rules and operational logic to precisely meet the application’s specifications.  For example, one customer  imported its existing maintenance alarm classification logic from their control system application into GenCell’s platform to enable the equipment to synchronize its alarm responses, saving time and effort and enabling the customer to remain in their familiar working environment.

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