Telecom Clean Power for Communications

Shelli Zargary
March 15, 2020


Under the threat of Coronavirus, people everywhere are acutely dependent on reliable communications as their main lifeline.  In this scenario, telecom providers must have tools to keep networks operational,  no matter what. Power continues to be one of the most crucial requirements and a main operating expense. With the introduction of 5G, this financial and environmental burden is expected to at least double. Whether seeking alternative energy solutions for primary off-grid power or backup power for regions where grid services are poor, or where redundancy is crucial to backup heavy network traffic, now more than ever telecom providers and towercos can turn to GenCell for clean, reliable and cost-efficient power solutions.


With off-grid towers being constructed at a rate of 16% per year, the challenge of powering telecom networks in rural areas beyond the grid is tough and growing.  Off-grid power solutions combining diesel generators, batteries and solar panels involve reliability issues, rising fuel costs, frequent maintenance and are targets for theft and vandalism, all of which contribute to high operating expenses. In addition, governmental and environmental regulations are increasingly restrictive on the use of diesel.  To manage these difficult challenges, off-grid cell tower operators need new answers; many are turning to GenCell, who brings the unique zero-emission ammonia-based GenCell FOX solution that improves reliability and lowers stand-alone power supply operating costs.

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Keeping mobile network towers running in poor grid conditions where there are frequent outages is costly and challenging.  Auxiliary power systems must be routinely fueled and maintained for regular use — with no margin for error. In locations where grid connectivity is satisfactory, auxiliary power solutions are critical to ensure 24/7 electricity and power behind the meter during times of peak demand and high costs.  With 5G, this need will grow.  As compliance with sustainability objectives becomes more important, telecom leaders are investing in renewable energy to gain energy independence and support their brand values. Whether in poor grid or stable grid conditions, telecom providers are turning to GenCell for reliable backup power solutions that minimize both their carbon footprint and their OPEX.

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