Affordable Fuel Cells and Green Ammonia

GenCell Team
May 25, 2021

Connected Energy Solutions: “Affordable Fuel Cells and Green Ammonia are Part of a Future Circular Fuel Economy”

The cost of producing and running fuel cells has meant that fuel cells have not been viable for use on an industrial scale, but efforts are under way to make this technology more accessible. GenCell is one such company attempting to increase access to fuel cell energy solutions.  GenCell has worked to pioneer methods of reducing the prohibitive costs preventing fuel cells from becoming a mainstream power production method….They have also developed a highly efficient process that allows the A5 to operate fully independently by extracting hydrogen on demand from liquid ammonia (NH3) without any power from the grid, whereever it is needed.

GenCell’s next mission is to create a source of green ammonia. Says GenCell CEO Rami Reshef, “It could be the ultimate way to store excess energy from renewables.”

To read the full article in Connected Energy Solutions, click here.


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