Are Microgrids the Future for Utilities?

GenCell Team
September 18, 2018
Power Engineering International Interview: Are Microgrids the Future for Utilities?
How fuel cells can play an integral role

There’s currently a lot of talk about how we support environmental legislation while balancing a grid under pressure, not to mention how to meet future energy demands. In areas such as North and South America specifically, frequent severe weather incidents that bring down grid power for weeks and months, require much more direct and immediate solutions.

This has led to the rise of decentralized grids or microgrids, which are now not only being trialed for critical utilities backup power but for some more remote communities, used as mainstream primary power too. For the modern utility business, these solutions were typically seen as unconventional, but now increasingly viewed as offering very compelling business models.

The compromise for many though has been the continued reliance on polluting and un-environmental diesel generator technology to support these projects. However, there’s now a 100% clean, weather independent solution that’s not only ready to replace diesel generators, but also provide a host of other benefits too – the modern fuel cell.

Power Engineering International spoke to Gil Shavit, GenCell President & CBDO, to find out more.

Read the full interview on Power Engineering International.

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