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TIM Keeps Network Running with GenCell G5 Fuel Cell Back-Up Solution

GenCell Team
October 19, 2016


⦁ GenCell G5 provides a reliable, efficient and sustainable back-up solution for telecom providers – for the first time at the same cost as a fully installed ISO14001-ready GMG (diesel generator)

Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 19, 2016 – GenCell, the leading Israeli-based fuel cell developer and manufacturer, today at Futurecom 2016, announces that TIM has successfully tested and validated its revolutionary GenCell G5 fuel cell generator, designed to provide its telecom towers with cost effective and clean back-up power to its critical systems for uninterrupted network coverage.

One of Brazil’s leading telecoms providers, TIM spent the last 11 months extensively evaluating the Gencell G5 and assessing its suitability for its local network operations.
Due to Brazil’s extreme weather conditions, traditional solutions such as batteries and diesel generators can become unreliable. This leads to significant loss of revenue for networks, as well as considerable disruption for consumers. The GenCell G5’s unique technology enables it to overcome this and operate flawlessly in extreme climate conditions (including high humidity) while providing a completely clean process with no CO2 emission.

The GenCell G5 is the ideal solution for telecom operations in both urban and suburban locations. Should the grid go down, the GenCell G5 takes over supplies reliable power to BTS’s (Base Transceiver Systems) in readiness for a quick transition once the grid returns. Considered to be one of the most sustainable solutions on the market, the fully certified GenCell G5 can be monitored and maintained remotely and requires minimal site maintenance. Compared to traditional GMG, the GenCell G5 also has a smaller footprint and is generally more secure – designed to be more resistant to vandalism.

Fernando Sávio M.F. de Andrade, Network Implementation, TIM comments: “The GenCell G5 validation process included testing it in outages that lasted just a few minutes, but also continuous black-outs lasting 24 and 36 hours too. The system kicked-in each and every time and performed flawlessly, allowing us to maintain business continuity. The fact that it can be monitored and maintained remotely without the need to actually visit the site, makes it a unique solution for us, with additional suitability for use in other locations across Brazil.”

Rami Reshef, GenCell CEO concludes: “Working with TIM allowed us to validate our offering in the Brazilian market. The success of the project also led us to understand that Brazil in particular, and the Latin America market as a whole, presents a huge potential for us. We are committed to growing our business in this region and leading the market. With plans to establish a local manufacturing line to increase efficiencies and further drive adoption, we are excited to provide the region for the first time in fuel cell history, with a space technology at diesel generator costs.”

Luis Galindo, Director of Operations, Claro, comments: “We have rigorously tested the GenCell G5 simulating a variety of power outages, including duration and type of blackout. The results were outstanding. The GenCell G5 kicked-in every single time and supported the full duration of outage. “But the benefits of the GenCell G5 are not just for our needs today. As the solution operates a near silent operation, has a smaller footprint than GMG and is 100% clean – emitting no CO2 – it will also allow us to meet the planned environmental requirements for tomorrow. What’s more, in a black-out situation we will also be able to meet all upcoming regulatory requirements for reduced support times too.”

One of the GenCell G5’s unique features is the ability to perform robustly in extreme temperatures and humidity, making it an ideal solution for telecom providers in hotter or colder climates. The GenCell solution produces 5kW of steady power and is also fully certified.

Rami Rashef, GenCell CEO concludes: “Working together with the Claro team was a unique experience. The level of their professionalism was inspiring and helped us to improve our offering for the Brazilian market. We are excited to have passed their evaluation process, as Claro has some of the most demanding technical requirements in the world. On the success of this installation, we are now discussing the deployment of additional GenCell G5 solutions within Claro’s operational network towers, and actively looking to expand our offering to other Latin American networks.”

—Welcome to the new gold standard for a sustainable energy future.

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