GenCell® EVOX and Energy Management Software (GEMS)

Johanna Halperin
March 10, 2024

Revolutionizing Sustainable EV Charging with AI-Driven Multipurpose Charging Optimization

In an era when the sales of electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in line with increasing global aspirations for sustainable transportation, the long-term realization of the potential of the EV market depends upon a steady and resilient power supply for 24/7 EV charging. Currently, there are power gaps holding back EV charging in many locations, causing power utilities worldwide to struggle to provide sufficient power to maintain EV fleets in continuous operation. In response to this challenge, GenCell® has brought to market its innovative GenCell EVOX solution, designed to supply uninterrupted, clean power to backup and extend DC fast EV charging and related use cases at locations where traditional grid infrastructure falls short.  Combining GenCell’s Hydrogen2Power alkaline fuel cell technology with energy storage, the EVOX has unique value thanks to the proprietary energy management software that has been developed to optimize the customer’s user experience and maximize the techno-economic value of the charging and related operations being powered.

Complementing BESS storage with on-site fuel cells for high-power generation and advanced smart energy management software, the EVOX delivers a climate-resilient, zero-emission, uninterrupted multi-purpose power solution that delivers supplementary power for routine DC fast charging operations, grid-independent backup power for EVs and related facilities during outages as well as portable power solutions for emergency management and disaster response.  By combining storage and on-site generation capabilities, EVOX ensures a resilient, continuous power supply in any weather or grid conditions.

Thanks to hydrogen-fueled on-site power generation that can reliably generate uninterrupted power for hours or days – for as long as fuel is available – the EVOX solution ensures stable power continuity even in emergency circumstances. However, due to its current cost, at present it is not economical to rely on hydrogen as a standalone power source for EV charging stations. For this reason, GenCell has developed proprietary smart energy management software to accurately track consumption and optimize allocation of power resources, among these hydrogen. The software tracks and analyzes energy production and consumption in real-time from different power sources at different times of day using algorithms to maximize cost-efficiency, ensure accurate billing and facilitate Return on Investment (ROI).


Essentially, the GenCell Energy Management Software (GEMS), seamlessly integrated with EVOX, not only delivers an uninterrupted power supply to end-users, but also enables cost-efficient fleet management and streamline routine EV charging operations. In addition to serving as a reliable source of backup power for fleets and facilities during grid outages, the advanced GEMS functionality also enables customers deploying multiple EVOX units as DERs to aggregate and reallocate their resources to maintain power for critical applications during emergencies. By effectively bridging between the domains of energy management software and Charge Point Management System (CPMS) software, GEMS allows EV charging providers to no longer have to rely on power cost estimates and instead receive from the GEMS accurate power generation cost calculations in real-time, enabling improved costing, pricing, forecasting and business planning. This unique approach lets GEMS bridge the gap between typical EMS solutions and targeted end-user applications such as CPMS for EV charging.

The core component  of the GEMS is an intelligent IoT edge platform. Collecting data from IoT sensors such as temperature, pressure, fuel level, ambient conditions etc. and incorporating a connectivity software layer, the intelligent IoT edge platform is embedded in all GenCell fuel cell solutions to provide remote monitoring and management of all of a customer’s equipment, perform advanced analytics (e.g. compare multiple measurements on a trend)​, track history (e.g. usage, load), use advanced reporting mechanism​s and manage users’ permissions. Interfacing with bespoke or third-party EMS/SCADA software via generic communication protocols, GEMS seamlessly integrates with application-specific management systems, catering to customer preferences. Its versatility makes it suitable for various sectors.

The GEMS software within the EVOX configuration is specifically designed to support both routine DC fast EV charging and backup power generation operations as well as more advanced power management scenarios. The software provides constantly updated EV load, energy, and power availability data through intuitive dashboards and reports. The incorporation of machine learning capabilities enables data analysis, applying consumption patterns to develop business logic. The energy production and consumption management software integrates with EV charging operations management software, monitoring advanced dynamic load management (DLM) from both grid and on-site fuel cell power inputs.  In a notable development, the upcoming version of EVOX GEMS, expected for release in 2024, is set to expand its AI capabilities, making smart AI-based predictions for efficient energy consumption. The new release is planned to include features such as hardware sizing customizability, extended EVOX and fuel cell cost and economic efficiency metrics and techno-economic policy management.

As the availability of hydrogen increases, we expect broader uptake of the EVOX to support, supplement or substitute for the grid via hydrogen-fueled DERs and hybrid microgrids, especially in climate-vulnerable locations and in support of disadvantaged communities and underserved .

GenCell foresees the increasing use of AI-driven EVOX systems offsetting the environmental impact of EVs running on grids still dependent on fossil fuels. By deploying widespread EVOX units to power day-to-day EV charging as well as backup power for fleets and facilities, employing GEMS for smart power reallocation to support emergency response in communities where grid power is instable or insufficient, GenCell advances the transition to GreenFSG. GreenFSG solutions supply uninterrupted, zero-emission GreenFSG power anywhere by means of self-contained circular green economies that produce, store and generate electricity on-site with zero emissions from start to finish, eliminating any need for fuel or power transport.  By leveraging EVOX solutions to operate sustainable EV fleets, smart communities are embracing the GreenFSG concept of Fuel-Store-Generate to achieve climate resilience, decarbonize transportation and reach ambitious net-zero targets.


—Welcome to the new gold standard for a sustainable energy future.

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