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GenCell Deploys First Demo Unit in Czech Republic

GenCell Team
June 20, 2023

GenCell Deploys First Demo Unit in Czech Republic for Resilient, Long-duration, Zero-emission Backup Power

GenCell Partners with Kunst Technik and Stand By Energy with the Intention to Deploy the GenCell BOX™ and FOX™ backup and off-grid power solutions across markets in Czech and Slovak republics

BOX at Standby Energy Czech Republic

Petah Tikva, Israel – June 20, 2023 GenCell Ltd., (TASE: GNCL), the leading provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power solutions, announced today that the company has deployed a GenCell BOX™ solution at Stand By Energy s.r.o’s modern main facilities in Litice in the Czech Republic to provide live demonstrations of how GenCell’s hydrogen-fueled alkaline fuel cells ensure reliable, long-duration, climate-resilient and emission-free backup power for mission-critical applications across various markets, including telecom and communications, emergency services, railway and utility infrastructures.

As policies and regulations set both by the European Union and by individual European countries impose increasingly strict limitations on the use of fossil fuels for powering stationary and non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) and as compliance with the Medium Plant Combustion Directive (MPCD) applies to equipment that is older and within a wider power range, power consumers will need to carefully select solutions that will meet regulations in the years to come.  Moreover, in increasingly challenging weather and climate conditions when the likelihood of grid outages is higher, it becomes even more important to be prepared with weather-resistant, long-duration backup power alternatives that kick-in immediately and deliver a continuous flow of reliable power to keep emergency services and other mission-critical applications running for as long as they are needed.

To meet these challenges and deliver a zero-emission, cost-effective and reliable fuel cell-based backup solution to companies that need them, GenCell has joined forces in the Czech Republic with Kunst Technik s.r.o., a Czech energy system integrator and with Stand By Energy s.r.o., the exclusive business and service partner of battery manufacturer Hoppecke for the fields of telecom, stations, traction, railway and solar accumulators.   Together the three companies are collaborating to provide GenCell’s innovative backup and primary power solutions to customers in the Czech and Slovak republics.

To date, the partners have successfully installed and commissioned a BOX demo unit at the Stand By Energy headquarters in Litice, where they will showcase the solution to potential customers having backup power requirements such as telcos that are seeking green backup power for remote towers, and utility substations in need of reliable, long-duration backup power to supplement or replace battery rooms.

“As an energy company focused on battery, solar PV and now hydrogen fuel cell technologies, we well understand that as the energy sector moves from fossil fuels to alternative solutions, the power grid will suffer from insufficient power in a variety of scenarios that demand a green, reliable long-duration substitute for diesel gensets that incorporate not only battery storage but also on-site power generation” remarks Václav Měsíček, CEO, Standby Energy. “We have successfully and smoothly installed the GenCell BOX at our HQ in Litice and as we become increasingly familiar with the equipment, we expect to discover many additional potential use cases that we can fulfill together with GenCell.”

“We are very pleased that the first GenCell fuel cell backup solution has been rapidly and satisfactorily installed; now we are planning an ambitious campaign to introduce the solution to Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs in need of grid-independent power as well as to support businesses, communities and organizations responsible for emergency services that must be ready to deploy backup power to keep mission-critical systems and devices operational across both the Czech and Slovak republics,” comments Jaromir Kunst, Kunst Technik.

“While GenCell is highly focused on its target markets, as the interest in leveraging hydrogen to overcome challenges in an ever-wider variety of industries and scenarios grows, we are more frequently receiving requests from other markets for which our products are a good fit,” explains Rami Reshef, CEO GenCell. “Such is the case in the Czech Republic, where companies are asking us to provide them with backup power that is both reliable and resilient and at the same time compliant with increasingly strict EU emissions targets. We are pleased to work with these skilled Czech partners and imagine that there is likely great potential to supply our solutions beyond the Czech Republic, out and across markets and industry sectors across the EU.”

—Welcome to the new gold standard for a sustainable energy future.

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